Mrs. Lolita's 5th Grade    

Studyguides for the week:



Religion study guide went home Friday

Math Review sheet will go home Thursday

Below you will find a website to help your student review for the Chapter 1 test.

I showed it to them Friday.  It goes over every concept covered in Chapter 1.

The test will be Friday, September 15.  We will have a review day Thursday.


Or you could google the following:

Go math grade 5 chapter 1 review



Important dates

  • World’s Finest chocolate sale ends September 13.  All monies must be turned in.
  • School Mass will be on Wednesdays.
  • Grandparents Day is on September 13th.
  • Home and School Meeting is on September 18th at 6
  • Graded papers go home September 13



Homework for week :Sept 11-15


Math- Standards Practice 1.10

Reading-R & R NB p. 84

 Spelling- Missed words 5 times each

Social Studies- complete timeline of 9/11 events

Religion- Study for Test


Math- Standards Practice 1.11

Handout on Distributive and commutative properties

Reading-R & R NB p. 86

Spelling-R & R NB p, 88


Math- Standards Practice 1.12

Reading- Answer Think Critically questions in notebook.

Spelling-R & R NB p. 93

Religion- When were you baptized?  (date)




Math: Go over review sheet-rework problems

Reading- Vocabulary & comprehension test

Spelling test if you didn’t make 100

Social Studies-Make a list of renewable & non- renewable resources.





Upcoming Test Dates/ Graded Activities:


Religion: test Chapter 3- Study guides went home Friday.


Spelling Trial test


Math-chapter 1 test

Reading-Vocabulary test and Comprehension test

English- Graded activity on common and proper nouns

Social Studies-graded activity in class

Spelling test-for those who did not score 100